Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Attending the Doll Club

Dear Friends,

Last evening I ws invited to attend the local doll club with my hostess. The meetings are held in the Historical Nathaniel Dean House. My hostess was hoping to get a photo of me with a very old beautiful dollhouse that is on display. However, it had been covered for the evening, so that was a disappointment. However, the restored old farm house held it's share of charm. If you would like to read more about this delightful home, take a peek here...

As the rooms are rather small, and our group fills up the room, it was hard to maneuver around so here are just a few of the highlights. The program for the evening was given by one of the members on "My Twinn" dolls.

Wowsers, she had quite a collection and I learned a lot about their beginnings. Not much like my beginning...I am a rather simple soul, but my charm is every bit as engaging! They are quite large hostess has one My Twinn, adopted from Goodwill...That will be all she ever has. Those dollies are too big.

Some ladies brought "show and tell" and since it was just the day after Halloween, that seemed to be the theme. And NO! I am not in costume. This is my totally lovely REAL self.

Ahhhh...door prizes...but we didn't win any....Better luck next time.

I will soon be getting packed up to make my way to Marilyn. What a "ride" this has been. New places, new friends, new adventures...Thanks everyone!!

Miss Travel Hickory

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