Friday, July 26, 2013

Alice in Nappanee, installment #2

July 27, 2013 Dear Diary; Things have been busy here at Azure Hollow Kinder Day Camp! The girls have arrived, we have had our fieldtrip, and camp continues. We have enjoyed lovely weather but a storm threatens tonight. We shall see if we ladies weather the evening in the tents! Miss Peg and I spent time the first morning going over the week's events. She is quite organized and has left no detail unturned. The kinder girls were so cute as they trudged to the campsite. They were all giggles as they were introduced to each other and explored the camp. After play time, I sat the girls down and discussed our feldtrip. We would be going into Nappanee, Azure Hollow's local historical spot. Handyman John will shuttle us to town. Since it is on the Heritage Historical Trail (which is about 90 miles long), there are some unique sights to see. The first place we saw was the side of John's Butcher Shop. The painted wall quilts are eye-catching. New to Nappanee are "apples," each painted for an area/or interest in town. In front of the quilts is the sewing apple. On the backside of the apple is a lovely painted quilt pattern. The first quilt flower garden we see is near the Nappanee Historical Museum. Since the Railway was so important to Nappanee's growth, the "quilt" is of a train. Quilted Flower Gardens are all along the Heritage Trail. The other quilted flower garden in town is by the Coppes building. Coppes used to make beautiful kitchen and household cabinets. The abandoned building is still in the process of being converted into a lovely mall of unique, local wares. Coppes building still displays old advertisments. I like the old-world feeling of these words. Diary, I must go as I am being beckoned to play jumprope with the girls. More later! Alice

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