Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alice and camp

Dear Diary; Things have kept up at a brisk pace here at camp. The evenings are more laid back as only the adult staff is in camp. We've had lots of fun! Granny sure enjoys managing the cooking. Bernard has been such a good worker. No one could slight him for whisking away one afternoon to get in his favorite fishing hole. John and Peter took advantage of a siesta or two with the giant hammock their grandfather donated to Azure Estates, years ago. The girls were enthralled with the idea of "being at camp." They learned a lot about camp-play and cooking. Miss Peg oversees the firepit. Finally, it is time for afternoon naps. The girls protest but do find the temptation to lay down in each tent too much. One girl is shy, but then is given her teddy and soon all are fast asleep. I look in to see that all is well. We have fun visiting during nap, staying nearby in case we are needed. I finally get the girls up for a bit of camptime then time for home. We find the evenings very relaxing and enjoyable. We do enjoy each others' genteel and adult company. Here we are with the girls and the camp staff. Diary, camp is about to close. We are especially grateful to Deedee who was our professional photographer. We feel she captured well the ambience of Azure Hollow Kinder Camp Week. What a grand adventure all of my travels have afforded me. I now await finding out where my permanent residence will be. I thank all for your interest in my journeys! Alice Travel Doll Drum roll please...................................................... ............ Alice will be going to live with Kathleen and The Vicarage Hitties in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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