Thursday, September 16, 2010

Volunteering at School

Good morning, Linda is busy getting ready to go. Come on Hitty Molly says Hitty Marcia we are going to. But where are we going? Oopsssssss we are now in the car backing outa the carport and heading down the road. In about what seems like two minutes we stop. Oh yippeeee says Marcia we are here. Where? I ask. Look over there on the building she says. Flintstone School, we are volunteering today.

Oh my we are in the volunteer room and looks like a very busy place to be. We decide to help cut some papers. I thought we would use scissors but they have this big thing called a cutter and whoaaaaaaaa does it ever cut.

Now we have a glue stick and we are gluing numbers on cards to be laminated for the kindengarden kids to learn there numbers with. We have not stopped working since we got here.

Now we are over at the laminating machine, we have a lot of papers to put thru it-it puts like a contact paper all over it and the machine gets kinda warm.

Linda needs some things copied to put together an apple book for the teacher in kindengarden so we came over to use the copier machine.

It is after 2 in the afternoon and time for us to go home. We are tired, we done so much this morning. We decide to go out and look at the playgroud but was disappointed because there were no kids for us to play with. Well I for oine am taking a good old nap when i get home. Later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Hitty MMM

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