Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day at the Auction

Linda and Randolph decided to go to the auction and yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I got to go. There was so many things to look at. Linda said they had 3 big white trucks to unload. We walked up and down the aisles to see what they all had. This was a cart about 10 shelves and was full of paints. There were many paintings to be sold so we think the paints were used.

We walked a little further and found this basket. it had a few pieces of fabric and felt so good to sit and have the sun warming me up. Oh my here we go again.........

Here we ran into some buyers and oh my Linda says this is her grandson Sonny and oh my a sweet little girl named Skylar who is Lindas great grandaughter and she lovesssssssssss Hitties.

Linda stopped to see these cannisters. They had a country scene on them with cows on them-aren't they just beautiful......

Here is one piece Linda won for just a couple dollars. It is filled with blocks of clay. She got a box of beaded necklaces. There is a few here, some Hitties will have some very pretty necklaces. Here are a couple dolls she found too. A very good day at the auction for sure.

Another box Linda got was this box of furniture that will help fill some more rooms in The Bedrock Inn. Oh my we have walked from 12 till 5 and our limbs are getting very tired. We have had a great day but we are ready to go home and put our legs up. Hope you enjoy our day at the auction. Love, Hitty MMM

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